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Eat Learn this Book series

Children's books which teach adult theology.

The reason I display work in progress is so that potential collaborators can see what I put out raw, and consider if they can work it into something usable. Enjoy my mess. Discussion

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ELTB Eat Learn This Book []


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Using the first century hermeneutic, clean and unclean animals are symbols of good and bad teachers .

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Unclean birds tell of character traits not to be copied.

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Insects you can eat because they speak of people who try to know God.

Dirty Dishes cover.jpg ELTB Dirty Dishes

Fallen leaders

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The story of the garden.

ELTB Baby Bread

Bread through scripture as Christ's total devotion to death.

ELTB Temple Tasties

The sacrifices.

ELTB Best Bad Bookkeeper

A troubling parable

ELTB Peter's Prison

The escape (Acts 12)

ELTB Sneaky Snakes

Ending of Mark

ELTB Christmas crumbs

2ndBook series series

Adult modules also teach using the first century hermeneutic.


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SB War with God

2ndBook The Likeness

2ndBook Noah

2ndBook Abram

2ndBook Abraham

2ndBook Jacob

2ndBook Judah

2ndBook Joseph

2ndBook Plagues

2ndBook Passover

2ndBook Red Sea

2ndBook The Law

2ndBook Cleanliness


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2ndBook Meta-topics

2ndBook Bible topics

2ndBook Questions