Prison parley

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Prison parley []

A 'parley' is a conference between enemies over terms of truce. A chapel service in prison is much like a 'parley'. There are many who sincerely love the Lord, and you are privileged to see them as Christ does. You don't know their crimes nor their sentences, but get to see them a souls who love Christ. Others are there for their own purposes: pass gossip, conduct business, form alliances.

For an hour, or two if you are lucky, you have a captive audience. Some choose to entertain, some to preach, teach, counsel or babysit. I see it as a 'parley'.

The carnal mind; the flesh, is war with God. The instinctive nature of man from the time of birth, is to interpret and attempt to rule, the universe as a god, declaring good and evil for himself. Since there can be only one God, it is a declaration of war.

The chapel service is where the warring parties come together in a parley. It is an opportunity to make peace,or to part with a better understanding of the terms of war.

Unlike other Bible studies where doctrine is argued and debated, there are only a handful of topics which are critical:

     1. Who is God? 
    2. Why is there evil in the world?
    3. What is love?

These lead into a few practical applications of how to handle:

Fear - anger - guilt

     1. Fear
    2. Anger
    3. Guilt

These are topics of utmost importance, and cannot be trivialized or ignored. You are here to negotiate peace between God and carnal flesh. The human spirit is what keeps the flesh at bey. How do you handle the parley agenda items?