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Welcome to 2ndBook Press. They say that writing your first book is the most difficult, so I wrote my second book first. I'm kidding. There have been rumors of missing books from the Bible for centuries. The claim is a subtle hostility against the Word of God. It is the voice of the serpent.

Can you test the books in the Bible and prove they are the Word of God? If not, how could you test a book outside the Bible to prove it is the Word of God?

There is a test for Old Testament scripture. Anyone can learn to perform it. When you test a dollar bill, you examine the watermark on the paper. If the watermark isn't there, it is an obvious counterfeit.

The watermark of scripture is not an image on it's paper. It is an image painted by the nature of words to have many meanings.

Consider: Mary had a little lamb. Who is Mary? Is she a fictitious person invented because of need to write a silly rhyme? Is she Mary, Queen of Scots used to make a political statement. Is it Mary, the mother of Jesus, who bore the Lamb of God?

You use pun, riddle, and word play to hide something in plain sight. God needed to hide the message of the cross from everyone, He hid it in plain sight. No one could see it because they did not know of the cross. They had no idea what to look for.

The story of the cross is woven into the historical narrative in such detail that it is like security paper. Books that do not have the 'security paper' are not scripture.

If the original story were to change, the hidden story would also change. The 2nd layer enables the testing of variations in the text between manuscripts. The 2nd layer is so pervasive and in such detail that we call it 'The 2nd Book".