ELTB TT The serpent

ELTB TT The serpent []

The serpent was trickier than the other animals. The other animals first tempted Eve. They had been eating from the tree and not dying. It was easy to see that they were animals and Eve was not an animal. God made her for Adam.

Then the serpent unhinged it's jaw. Oh that has to hurt. It swallowed the fruit whole. Eve stared in amazement thinking it must choke or suffocate. But the fruit traveled the length of its body until digested. Maybe it gave a big belch.

"Now Eve, see what a good job God did in making me? If I see something that looks good and smells good, I eat it. I glorify God by living any way I want. Tell me, did God really tell you that you couldn't eat the fruit? It must be easier for you to eat than for me."

When we are born, we are just like the serpent. We do whatever we want. If we see a blob of something on the bottom of a shoe, we may stick it in our mouth. Yuck!